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to demand action and a gun buyback event netted hundreds of weapons. monte francis is in san francisco with more on the story for us. monty? >> well, good evening. organizers of this gun buyback event and also this is gun control march that happened today say both events were successful. they're also both a reflection of what's happening across the nation. >> gun control now. >> as the group called one million moms for gun control marched at chrissy field today they joined others in at least a dozen other cities across the country. >> i think the recent tragedies in connecticut showed us that no one can stand on the sidelines anymore. this affects everybody. >> the group is calling for a ban on military style assault weapons and supports universal background checks. for some, the message is personal. >> remember that we're talking about, we're talking about people's children and my daughter and so many other children that have been killed. >> down the peninsula, people lined up by the hundreds to turn in their guns for cash. >> it was my grandmother's. she gave it to my father. he pass
quality will be a problem as we go through the forecast. clear skies right now in san francisco. what we are finding on the weather board as we look at the pacific, is any sign of storm activity is not 1,000 miles out the here but about 2,000 miles and you can see it clearly arcing off to the north. that is due to the circulation around high pressure. with that said, you will get your sunshine for this weekend and you will get plenty of mild temperatures. let's get a look on who will get in on some of the heat. as we go through saturday, half moon bay looks to hit 70, beach weather mixed in here. walnut creek 70 and dpil roy 70 and san francisco close with upper 60s. this is quite a bit of a jump. again, it will come a a cost with the spare the air in effect. with the worst air quality in the north and also for the central bay tomorrow. may want to limit that outdoor exposer if you suffer from allergies or breathing problems. >>> 36 in san jose and also 43 in los gatos. we will get the sunshine out here and we will feel the warmth and you will need the sunglasses and maybe even, get away
to walnut creek the 49ers home. this is quite a time to be a san francisco sports fan. first the giants win the world series and now the 49ers are going to the super bowl. at casino matrix in san jose 49ers fans went wild in the last moments of the game when it became clear their team was bound for the super bowl. >> it's unbelievable. it's absolutely crazy peer. >> reporter: it was a scene repeated at bars and restaurants across the bay area. at a packed pete's tavern in san francisco fans were thrilled by the team's comeback. overcoming a 17-point deficit over the falcons to win the game. >> 17-0, coming back. what a win, san francisco. let's go. >> i'm never doubted it. my team is good on the road. i knew we would do it. no problems. our defense is tight. our offense is tight. we did it. we pulled it off. go 9ers! >> so glad the 9ers won. i'm ready to party it up all night. >> reporter: as game ended crowds emptied into the streets. and the city's mission district fans briefly overtook part of mission street but police were out in force and there was not the kind of violence or vandalism
already feeling like the low 30s inland around the bay area. frost advisory tonight for san francisco but bay area wide, including the inner east bay and oakland. freeze warning for some of the coldest temperatures by tomorrow morning. especially south of san jose into the mid to upper 20s as you wake up tomorrow morning, so you could have some patchy ice or frost and another change we're seeing in the forecast now it looks like the chilly temperatures and subfreezing temperatures are going to be sticking around longer now in our seven-day forecast. looking at that coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >>> apartment complex in san jose has been without hot water for more than a week now and the beam who live there are mostly elderly and disabled. they say they want a solution and fast, especially during the freezing temperatures. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there with what's happen ing there. >> reporter: diane, it is cold out here in san jose. tonight it's expected to get into the 20s and 30s in some spots. and that's bad news for 200 tenants wh
of a heinous crime in san francisco. police say this man doused his girlfriend with a flammable liquid and then set her on fire. that attack happened earlier today in the bay view district as her family members and strapgers watched in horror. nbc bay area is live at st. francis hospital where the victim is being treated for serious burns. monte, her family hoping that she will pull through. >> reporter: kris, that's right. the victim is here at the burn unit. family members tell me that she remains in critical condition tonight. in the meantime, police have identified her boyfriend as the prime suspect. and he is still at large. >> i just want to know why he did it. she didn't deserve it. >> reporter: family members and other witnesses watched in har reporter this after as the man identified as 22-year-old dexter oliver threw a famable liquid on to his girlfriend and then set her on fire. pieces of the woman's burned clothing were still laying in the street when her sister shs precious craig, described to us what led to the attack. >> she said that he had to get out, that it was over.
have seen anything. if you know anything about, you are urged to call the san francisco police department. >>> boeing's new jet has been grounded by two major airlines after a runway emergency this evening. this is an international story with local impact. bay area passengers are scrambling to make other plans. stephanie has word from the airport. >> reporter: japan transportation ministry saying that boeing 787s aren't going anywhere. they've been grounded for safety checks. the nonstop service from san jose to japan that began on friday is now on hold. passengers rushed off the dreamliner and down emergency slides. someone shot video from inside the cabin. boeing 787, forced to make an emergency landing in western japan. a cockpit message warned of battery problems. the latest in a series of issues that included a battery fire, a wiring problem and fuel leaks. no injuries have been reported. japan's transportation ministry categorized it as a serious incident that could have led to an accident. ana operates 17 of them. japan airlines, seven. the alarming incident comes four d
for breaking news alerts, go to our website, nbc bay area.com. >>> police arrested a san francisco man who they say poured gasoline on his girlfriend and set her on fire. officers from the sfpd special investigation and marshal service arrested him in a hotel. the 20-year-old girlfriend remains in critical condition in a san francisco hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. >>> what could be justice after nearly 30 years. a cold case involving a young ethiopian woman who fled violence from her country to be killed in california may have been solved. there were no leads. until time, and tenacity turned the case around. george is in mountain view. >> this is where they sound saba girmai in a dumpster three decades ago. that's a long time. but family and friends may be finally getting answers. >> it's a bit of relief. we were wondering all years, who was the killer. >> reporter: after 28 long years, friends and family of saba girmai may finally be getting closure. mountain view police arrested 53-year-old daniel garcia of fresno on friday. >> i'm really happy that the day is goi
they treat players equally. >> reporter: now, in 2005, owners and executives came here to the san francisco lgbt center for community meetings. tonight the 49ers remain very supportive of the community. we'll have to wait and see if these comments lead to more meetings here in the castro. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jean, thank you. >>> only on nbc bay area news, former 49ers lineman kwame harris is reacting tonight to culliver's comments. harris made headlines you might recall earlier this week when it was revealed he is gay. harris released a statement exclusively to us. it reads, quote, it's surprising that in 2013 chris culliver would use his 15 minutes to spread vitriol and hate. i realize these are comments that he may come to regret, and he may come to see that gay people are not so different than straight people. the 49ers also had a similar incident in 2002 when former running back garrison hearst made anti-gay remarks. >>> well, on a lighter note, a couple who is also making headlines jack and jackie harbaugh, the most talked about paren
. >>> a san francisco-based current tv, the channel launched by former vice president al gore has been sold to al jazeera. they made the announcement today noting that current tv and al jazeera share goals highlighting different points of view. it will allow the network to reach a larger english audience. 60% of the programing will originate in the united states. the rest will be from overseas. but al jazeera as part of the current deal will be based in new york. no word on what will happen to lieutenant governor gavin newsom's talk show which currently airs on current tv. >>> blending tech and fashion. do you believe this? still ahead at 11:00, wearable computers. it seems unlikely, but an kohl be working on it. we'll explain. >>> actually, it is big brother. there is no way around it. it's just what it is. >> a controversial upgrade. the local transit agency that won't just be watching you, but listening to you too. >>> and two northern california teenagers are arrested after allegedly drugging their parents. the surprising reason behind the crime. >>> and taking a step to put the pain be
to the weather and the freezing cold. in san francisco, people were bundled up. the temperatures continue to fall. here's a live look over san jose tonight. if you thought it was cold this morning, it is about to get colder. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> it's already down to 29 degrees in fairfield, so 7 to 8 hours below freezing. 35 in livermore, 37 in san jose. and all locations, bay area wide running a few degrees cooler than this time last night. we had a few extra clouds last night around 9:00. we have a frost advisory for the inner bay. freeze warnings from san jose southward to morgan hill through the tri-valley and north bay, upper 20s to mid thirds tomorrow morning. this was this morning we saw low 30s. but tomorrow morning, coldest places in the north bay out towards the delta and east bay, talki inin ining mid 20s to sta your sunday. diane? >> thanks, rob. >>> police are under pressure to track down four killers after four people were shot to death in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon in oakland. the shootings happened from west to east oakland, and all took place within a ti
san jose. thing have quieted down for now around san francisco and the tri-valley. north of 580, things have quieted. we'll continue to see periods of briefly heavy rain as the system continues to spin slowly to the south. coming up, we'll let you know how much this limb pact the rest sunday plans coming up in the rest of the weekend forecast. >> all right. thanks. >>> a state lawmaker from san francisco pushing for stricter gun control laws in california says he is now the target of racist and threatening messages. he said the reason for the threats is that he wants to close a loophole in california's ban on assault weapons. tonight he is live with our story. good evening, monty. >> reporter: good evening. the senator has received threats like this before. he said the messages have become more extreme and disturbing in recent weeks. in the wake of the massacre at sandy hook, he reintroduced the bill that would close the so-called bullet button loophole in california's assault weapons ban. it allows the sale of weapons with magazines that can quickly be replaced by pushing a but
. there is word that a san francisco review board for the scouts unanimously approved ryan's promotion. his parents call it a huge victory, but the national organization is still denying the application. >> governor brown is opening up about the bout with prostate cancer, sharing a light moment with reporters. >> i'm ready and rearing to go and don't expect me to lead. >> the uber energetic 74 year eld said he is done with radiation and working a full schedule and plans to deliver his state of the state address as planned january 24th. >> don't under estimate the power of an emoticon. it may be a footnote for some, but for others it opens up a new world. that world is centered in menlo park at facebook. here's stephanie trung. >> communication connects us all, but the definition of the work depends on who you ask. 34-year-old christina sounds like everyone else, but she struggles with communication all her life. >> i was born with a hearing loss. i can't hear anything. >> the spebl education teacher wears a hearing aid, but it wasn't enough to cancel out feelings of being left out. >> you o
police. >> thank you, kimberly. crime scene tape went up in san francisco's japan town after a shooting in which a 26-year-old man was killed. police say the victim was driving in the area of fillmore street and geary boulevard around 5:30 this evening when someone fired at him several times. the suspect got into a car and took off. the vick time ditim died of his at the hospital. >> a family is homeless in san jose after a fast-moving fire destroyed their mobile home. it took firefighters almost an hour to control the blaze at the mobile home park. the blaze started about 3:30 this afternoon. the two adults and four children escaped without injury but they say their family dog is missing and they fear that he is dead. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> michael crabtree is in atlanta right now preparing for tomorrow's big game against the falcons and we know he's great on the field but going into the nfc championship matchup, he has a major distraction, an accusation of sexual assault. police interviewed the 25-year-old earlier this week before he headed to atlanta.
in the future in the san francisco giants way. >>> a close call in vallejo tonight when two massive tree limbs collided nearly hitting two cars and leaving the driver scared and stunned. this all happening around 6:00 tonight, shutting down the road for several hours. at least two cars were heavily damaged. >> in shock. i tried to back the car up. i got out and to do there and remembered how lucky i was, i was not three feet further forward. it would have went through my windshield. >> crews spent the evening cutting down the tree limbs. locally no one was hurt. >>> it is no surprise that we've seen stuff like this. the recent rain has left the ground saturated across the bay area and more rain is on the way. jeff ranieri is here to talk about that. another cold night on tap. >> the temperatures in the low 30s and it is remarkable. we only had winds five to ten miles an hour and we had that tree come down in vallejo. some of the coldest weather in the north bay and for the east bay. you'll find walnut creek dropping to 39. 37 in livermore. it may be hard to believe but we're a little bit warme
guns off the street because violence continues. >> they say in the bay area, san francisco, oakland, where the murder rate is high every year and young folks are losing their lives consistently. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: at the cow palace, preparations are under way for a weekend gun show. thousands from around the state are expected to attend as the obama administration talks about new gun control laws after the deadly newtown school shooting. >> our aten dance is roughly doubled, in some cases more than doubled as people -- as guns are in the news and people are concerned about their second amendment rights going forward. >> we don't see any action and no change. >> reporter: richard is concerned about the gun shows contributing to local violence. >> you have those individuals that go out and buy guns for cheap at the gun shows and bring them to the community and sell them for more. >> reporter: richard has been fighting for a ban on gun shows for years. >> but the gun show keeps coming back. >> reporter: senator leno is a partner in the fight. >> finally, we got the bill to a
trombones and trumpets as they play saz jazz music in the even. for the san francisco 49ers, they're hoping to have a big party on sunday but it all started earlier this evening. wheels touched down at 7:45 local time and then jim harbaugh and company made their way t to the team hotel. it was there at the team media availability that coach harbaugh set the tone for the week. >> glad to see everybody. we're super excited to be here. unchartered waters for a rookie super bowl coach. but that's exciting, too. we have a great, great thrill and great desire of being in unchartered waters. our coaches and our players have always -- always relished that, thrived in that kind of environment. >> i think if you're prepared for a situation, you're going to be confident when you go out to try to win a football game or whatever you're doing, if you're prepared for it, you're going to be confident. head down, keep working. this isn't a time to relax and get out of your routine or stop working hard. this is when you should be working your hardest. >> dashon goldson had a quote that says pressure under pr
in critical condition. >>> a warning for women after a violent attack in a popular san francisco neighborhood. here's a sketch of a suspect that was released today. police say he tried to rape a 31-year-old woman in the mission district earlier this month. the victim says the man threw her to the pavement. and while straddling her, slammed her head to the concrete. police say she was able to scream for help and the suspect ran off. anyone with information is urged to contact police. >>> new at 11:00, landmark legislation. new york is poised to be the first state in the nation to pass stricter gun control lows in the wake of the tragedy in newtown. andrew cuomo got the laws from executive leaders. >>> we're hearing from president obama to get tougher gun lows on the books. he's reviewing a series of proposals made by vice president biden. >> if there is a step we can take that would save even one child from what happened in newtown, we should take that step. >> san francisco is pushing a bill that would close the loophole in california's assault weapons ban. that loophole allows the sale of ma
it is a win for the community. the game is on. food is up. and drinks are strong. hi tops in san francisco's castro district is a sports bar with a twist. >> a lot of people that come in don't even i know that it's a gay sports bar. ands they the best part, you know. and then we find out we have that common bond. >> reporter: 49 irhans are bonding. the 49ers a spot in a super bowl. fans celebrating a kiss. hi top's owner says the coverage sends a winning message. >> sports fans come from all walks of life, and we're a great big melting pot here. and everyone can get along. >> to get that kind of recognition on that level, you know, it's nice to know that people are watching. >> reporter: bar tinder logan says it feels like a game changer. >> are you kidding? i already told my mom. >> on behalf of the entire 49ers organization. >> reporter: professional sports times are embracing lgbt fans. sports fan david henry says making sure everyone feels welcome at the stadium at the local bar should be part of the playbook. >> sexual identity can be a complicated issue for individuals. and i think t
south bay hd cam. saratoga, low 30s. san francisco tonight. 49ers red before the big playoff game. stops in the 40s. temperatures in the 40s. jeff ranieri joins us with the freeze warning and coalest temperature -- coldest temperature ts. east bay, 39 in livermore. 36 in oakland. south bay, numbers are widespread dropping into the 30s. santa theresa, los gatos, and 39. already at the hour. south bay, colder than where you should be for the average morning low. get a look at the freeze warning where it is critical, north bay, east bay, south bachy. not only tomorrow morning. saturday morning. several days of morning temperatures below 30 degrees in the areas we highlighted not only that could kill sensitive plants. but also, possibly produce crop damage. the north bay will have the coldest zone of 25 to 29 for the morning hours. right here, the bay, a frost advisory. not as cold. you need to protect plants and bring the pets in. a few tips. common sense. jacket, layers. also with that car in the morning. make sure you have clear visibility out car windows. take time to warm it up. we have
quality over the last six hours. also up into san francisco, no heavy rainfall, but those roadways are slick. we had subtropical moisture feeding into the cold front today. that kept the showers lingering around. six to eight hours longer than some of the forecast models expected. that's going to kick toward the east tomorrow. but here comes another system. unfortunately, it's not going to be a dry weekend. we're not looking at a large storm. but we're expecting the areas of showers, sun and some clouds. and another reinforcing shot of cold air. that's going to drop temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. jacket weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. 42 in santa rosa. 47 in san rafael. and 48 in santa cruz. and 52 in san francisco. also, areas of fog to start. by the afternoon, temperatures going up in the low to mid-60s. we're not expecting a lot of sunshine. a few filtered areas of sun by the afternoon. and it's going to stay cool by all accounts, with 60 in san jose. 60 in los gatos. and 59 in santa cruz. time for the ski report. up at tahoe, numbers in the u
a joint effort between yelp and the mayor's office. >> reporter: jessica, that's right. san francisco mayor saying this new yelp service is a major movement. the health inspection scores are public but you have to look them up at the website and even the mayor admits that's made this information difficult to find, that is, up until now. through technology, more transparen transparency. this number featured on san francisco restaurant yelp profile is the health inspection directly from the health department. click on it and it takes to a second page with the date and the number and detail of violations. they say it is to help consumers decide where to go and raise food equality. >> the incidents of food borne illnesses as reported by hospitals dropped by 13% year over year. >> reporter: for the restaurant industry it's all about putting the numbers into context. >> the only problem has been you have a little weathering on a seal in your refrigerator. never causing any hazard but something that should be replaced but you get dinged for that. >> reporter: this restaurant with perfect res
to reading, writing, and most of all, watching san francisco sports on her tv from her nursing home where she's looking forward to the simple pleasures in life. >> coming in and saying good morning, time to get up, beautiful. >> most of all, it seems like letters from the great grandkids light her up. >> i miss you, and i'll see you in a few months. i love you. >> who is this young baby? >> and love from the family who motivates her every day. >> they have also shown me the respect that an old lady treasures, you know? and make you feel like you want to be alive. >> such a strong woman there. this goes beyond skin cancer treatment. the doctor and peers at stanford are work, on developing similar target treatments for other cancer. they're working that at clinics in stanford right now. >> much respect. thank you, stephanistephanie. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. here they come. all the surfers are watching you tonight. tonight's a big forecast. >> tomorrow, i know a lot of you are going, i went to the beach today. the waves were 2 to 3 feet. it's building. we're tracking quite a bit o
in san jose tonight. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. in the clear tonight. san francisco 49ers will not face sexual assault charjss: >> police say crabstree cooperated with them during the entire investigation. >>> sentenced to 5 years in prison. he came in, he was 15 years omd when he strangled their participants. he was prosecuted as an adult. his moetive? he had been suspended from school for smoking marijuana. well, they found about 400 pot plants on the road. they said it has a street value of $600,000. he's in jail for illegal cult vision. >> and what are the odds? is this the had thors' year to win the super bowl. wow, that's the reaction to this mountain lion sielting from even the experts. >> and we're tracking some weekend changes in your forecast. tonight, we're seeing the clouds filling on in. here's your temperatures tomorrow morning. >> the police department hassen vailed a brand new crime fighting tool. nbc bay area's tiffany strong has a story new from eleven. >> reporter: for stand alone mom, her card must always be up. >> we recently instamed video cameras aro
in but a lot of traffic in the bottom of your screen. in san francisco we're looking at clear conditions and some haze out near the coastal mountains. we will see that cloud cover tomorrow that will give us slightly warmer temperatures. a look at the storm system. it is quickly advancing, picking up more intensity than originally thought two to three days ago. southerly moisture and it's about 350 to 400 miles away, so sooner rather than later that rainfall is going to get here and it looks like overall a quarter to a half inch of rain. winds 15 to 25 miles an hour and some slick sierra travel. let's get you into the time line. as we start off tomorrow morning, we'll have the cloud cover with us. not much in the way of rainfall. as we head throughout the day, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00, pull out those umbrellas and get that jacket handy because a few widespread and back to the east bay. then once we get through this afternoon round of rainfall we'll see scattered showers for the evening hours, plans at 9:00 and 10:00 at night. may still need that umbrella for a little inbit and a lingering sho
others who were sprayed will split a $100,000 settlement as well. >>> city college of san francisco will miss its march 15th deadline to fix years of money and management problems. the question now, can ccsf hang on to its accreditation? a official says the school simply needs more time. progress is blocked because the board of trustees cannot agree on closing any of the school's nine satellite campuses. also, teachers won't concede to a pay cut, and department heads are resisting a plan sending them back into the classroom. the board of trustees meets again tomorrow and on friday. students and staff are planning a protest. >>> well, up next, taking a bite out of potential thieves. >> couldn't even dream that this could be happening over here. >> it's happening. it's not your average police bust. an alligator is found inside of a local home. and police say it was much more than just a pet. >>> also, it's a life-saving prescription into the visible eye. how this pill could save millions of people from making a deadly mistake. we'll show you the incredible bay area technology. >> and
, you're going to be able to see clear, no storm activity just yet here, moving even into san francisco. details coming up on what you might not see for another 30 years a little bit later on in this forecast. let's get you right now to the latest here. offshore, we are following our storm system. it has a lost of moisture. plenty of strength. the core of the storm is going to be heading off to the north. so we're going to get some rainfall. it's just not going to be a strong storm system. i think everybody's going to be more impacted by this cold blast of air that's going to move down from the north bay to the south bay as we head throughout the next 48 hours. rain timeline has cloud cover increasing here as we head throughout tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. as we get through the overnight hours, cloud cover continuing to increase and it's not going to be until about wednesday morning, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 that we see the showers developing, and then here is the problem. as our future cast continues into the afternoon on wednesday, it has a hard time pushing that rain down to the south bay, so
in the nba to oracle, and it came down to the line, we have the highlights. and two months after san francisco celebrated a world series, the 49ers are two weeks away from possibly their own parade. how they kicked off the final leg for the quest for six, next in sports. >> ahmed fareed from the sports desk. the sexual assault allegations of michael crabtree is not holding up under investigation. the police have not found evidence of an assault and witnesses who say they were there, deny any assault that took place there. meanwhile the 49ers took the field wednesday and began game planning, and the team practiced all week before heading to new orleans and they will do it on sunday now. every player's uniform had a patch with the super bowl lewl sewn on. you can excitement in the 49ers locker ro eer room is at an all high. >> this is what we play for. we wait, we spend all of our lives and you know, as a kid and we grow up and go to high school and college and we play for this moment. >> we are approaching this week as if we are playing a game on sunday. so, we keep it as normal as us
. it will be in san francisco so you can see it yourself. the girl is often referred to as the dutch mona lisa. there was even a novel and the movie. yet the most revealing part of the movie may not be the pearl earring. >> she is wearing a turban. that was not the kind of costume people in the 17th century wore. it may well be that somebody whom vermeer knew posed for it. >> the painting and 34 others are on loan from the royal picture gallery at the mooritz house in the hague. you can get more information on our website. search the girl with the pearl earring. >>> the harbaughs make the "sports illustrated" cover and a surprising claim involving the raiders. >>> hi, everybody. scott reiss in the sports room. i'm doing the same thing you're doing, getting my team ready for the super bowl. by now you certainly know about the harbaugh brother angle and it is only tuesday. "sports illustrated" getting on board. behold this week's cover, jim and john along with the headline, there will be blood. as for the game, well, there will be execution of a long term plan. >> we set out to win three super b
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